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All current WALKAWAY vehicle return policyholders are eligible for preferred Lease Busters pricing and a dedicated WALKAWAY specialist to assist with the listings.

How It Works?

Getting out of a lease is much easier, more affordable and less complicated than you would think, providing that you follow the LeaseBusters.com proven lease-take-over-method.

1. LeaseBusters evaluates the market position of the current lease to determine if the lease-take-over Buyers will consider the lease attractive.

2. The vehicle and lease package is exposed to tens of thousands of qualified lease-take-over Buyers visiting listing details page on LeaseBusters.com as well as partner sites.

3. A lease-take-over buyer is found and the Buyer and Seller follows the LeaseBusters lease-take-over process checklist to complete the lease transfer transaction.

4. The lease-take-over Buyer signs on and the lease-take-over Seller signs off on the lease transfer contract that is drafted by the leasing company after the credit-check has been approved.

Gina B., Range Rover Evoque, Vancouver, BC

''My experience with LeaseBusters has been excellent and I would highly recommend their services. I needed to get out of my car lease with two years remaining and really didn’t have a clue of what to do. I contacted LeaseBusters through their website. Michael got back to me very promptly and provided outstanding support. He made the process very, very easy. For a very small fee, I received tremendous value and quickly found a qualified buyer. Thank you Michael and LeaseBusters!''


Domenic D., Mercedes Ben C300, Bolton, Ontario

''LeaseBusters provided me with an end to end seamless process. It was quick, easy, and all I did was pass on my info and they did the rest. My vehicle was transferred in less than 3 days! I would recommend Leasebusters.com, and my Lease Specialist Randy, to anyone looking to bust or find a lease. They made it all happen with a 5 minute phone call !''

Carlos R., Buick Verano, Calgary, Alberta

''Thanks a lot Mauricio for the great help and support offered since day one. I would like to share that going through the process of setting up the listing on LeaseBusters was very easy. I felt very confident that your company was serious and therefore would also have serious people contacting me about my lease. Honestly I was hoping to get rid of my lease by the end of February or beginning of March. To my surprise my lease was taken over before the end February! I would certainly recommend LeaseBusters to anyone that needs to get out of their lease. I would come back to LeaseBusters in the future if I required help getting out of my lease. Once again Mauricio thank you very much for all your help."

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